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Airbnb is an increasingly popular platform that helps homeowners turn their property into passive income. Some owners consider renting their property but are often overwhelmed by the possible maintenance involved, or are scared of acquiring a bad tenant long-term. Airbnb offers benefits over traditional renting including added insurance, financial security, and flexibility.

Evans Real Estate Group can work with you to turn nearly any property into a profitable Airbnb/Vrbo. We have the unique ability to work with you start to finish, no matter your goals. Whether you’re an investor looking to purchase a new property, are currently leasing your home and wish to switch over to Airbnb, or are a homeowner with an empty guesthouse, contact us to see how we can help you.

"The Little Blue House"

2006 Ohio Avenue is just one of many properties we have helped clients turn into Airbnbs. This property was purchased by an investor with the intent to flip the property and lease traditionally. He decided instead to rent the property out as an Airbnb. Queen of Projects and Evans Concierge Services finished some final construction projects and fully furnished the rental. Evans Real Estate Group is now managing the property on Airbnb. The property owner gets a direct deposit each month with a profit/loss statement. It truly is that easy.

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